I have a sad story. I'm pregnant with a guy, I'm 27, he's 20 and before I got pregnant he was fine with me, my life and he was talking about love, even though I was aware of that and suggested we split up, find someone who suits us better, he was against it and cried.

As a result, his whole family (mother and brother) are pouring dirt on me, saying that I'm old and my last option in life, that the baby is not his and I'm pregnant on purpose, that I am sha**va, sign my number as well, write to my subscribers mol "find out who and what I am.

I never pretended to be a saint or said he was my first. We, of course, split up. As a result, I am devastated, because I have not heard so much dirt about myself in general.

I keep thinking that I don't want to fuck and I don't know how to believe people at all.

This is my first child, I've always wanted kids, but health-wise there wasn't much of a chance. And now I feel like I'm a bit of a s**t and a bit of a b*tch.

So I deserve to be treated like this and to be told that?!