I'm 19, my boyfriend is 26. This is my first serious relationship, so I don't know what to do. The thing is, he's always bossing me around, I can't say a word.

He thinks that men are generally more sober-minded than women.

A lot of attitudes. He has to eat first, and second, and compote... We moved in together, I haven't cooked since I was a kid. If he suddenly thinks I've decided something for him... that's it, a disaster. All day long he would tell me where I was wrong, and that he was the only one who made the decisions.

⠀ He made me quit smoking because he told me that a girl who smokes is just shameful, that he is ashamed of me and he won't go out with me.

Then we have guests over and my girlfriends come over and everyone is laughing, etc. If I interrupt him at the table, it's a disaster too. He'll yell and insult me in front of everybody.

I used to talk at the table, now I'm quiet 80% of the time.

Everything seems to be going well with us. But somehow I feel like he's not right. I tried to talk to him, he doesn't understand what I mean. My girlfriends tell me I'm a bitch, I'm breaking myself, he's not right for me, etc. But I love him very much. Please tell me what to do?