I met a young man a year ago on a dating site, we started dating. It turned out that he had a paralyzed mother whom he was caring for alone.

⠀ At the beginning of the relationship he said he didn't want to pin his problems on me.

⠀ Now it's been a year, he insists that I help him with his mother, cook every day, cut her toenails and hands, and many other things... when offered to hire a nurse for my mother, he refuses, saying that he will take care of her only himself, my mother will not want to let a stranger, a nurse, near her. And his salary is small.

Lately he has been reproaching me for not doing anything to help him. I do not live with them, I live separately in my own apartment, I work a lot.

At the beginning of the relationship I warned him that I could not take care of his mother. He accepted it, and now he's pushing me very hard...