Hello. I'm now in my 6th month of pregnancy.

I have been dating my husband for 2 years and he always came inside me and wanted children. And then 6 months ago , I got really drunk and may have cheated on him with someone else, but I 100% don't remember! Something comes back to me, but I can't believe it. It's like I was saying: did you come inside me?

I honestly thought I was infertile! And maybe if I did, I didn't take the abortion pill.

What to do, it's so horrible in the shower and the guy seems to know it's not his baby. And the DNA test can only be taken after the baby is born.

The thing is, because I am not sure I can drink and he raise his hand at me, yesterday we had a fight and said he would not give me the child and something about alimony. And he's talking about DNA after the baby's born.

Oh, my God! It's so hard to think about all that. When I met him, I cheated on him twice and he knows about it, but he's still with me. But! He wants out, he said yesterday.

Will there be any similar stories? What should I do? Thank you!