I really need your advice about this truly wild situation that is happening to my only child right now.

I have a daughter who is a beautiful, intelligent, excellent, going for the gold medal, an athlete and an activist, who is now finishing 11th grade at school, who will be 18 in two months, and who I have raised alone all these years because her father, my then-husband, left me almost immediately after her birth. By the way, I'm still a pretty young woman myself, only 37 years old.

So, yesterday I accidentally found out that my beloved daughter for the past 8-9 months (since last summer) has been dating a very old man, who will be 83 this year, who is more than 25 years older than my still young enough parents, He is older than my still young parents, not even pensioners (her grandmother and grandfather, who are now 55 and 57 years old respectively), that is, for all of you to understand, he is my grandfather, and my daughter, with whom he is already having quite a wild romance, is her grandfather.

I noticed a long time ago that my daughter had a new friend after her class trip in the summer of 2021, as she told me herself, she met her on the train. She met this "friend" periodically, but really I never saw her myself. And then yesterday afternoon, while my daughter was at school, I accidentally saw her correspondence in VK with this "friend" unblocked and immediately realized that in fact it is a deep old man, who, judging by the photo, is over 80 years old.

In the last message to my daughter from him I immediately saw a picture of my daughter f*cking lying in bed in his arms with this old man, and next to him in another picture you could clearly see them kissing... And what they write to each other as he calls her: "my sweetie", "my sweetie", "my doll", and she calls him "my darling", "my sweetie", "my doll", and so on...