I will speak out here, maybe you can give me a solution. I've always been a pretty good person on the whole.

And all was well in life, career, love, wedding on the horizon. And shortly before the wedding, my fiancé goes to die.

That was 3 years ago, since then I've had both relationships and dates, but recently I realized that I don't want a regular relationship with single guys.

I want to break up other people's families, happy families. I want them to be hurt like I was. I haven't fallen in love with anyone but my fiancé, building a healthy relationship is boring to me. And only breaking someone else's happiness, I am happy.

Once I tried it, the man left the family and left his wife, who had just given birth. I left him after that too.

But now I need new emotions of other people's unhappiness. What to do?

The positive qualities in me strike against this behavior, but how else can I make myself feel anything?