After spending seven years with a man I considered decent, I've reached a point where the desire to marry him has completely evaporated. This journey has been marked by unmet expectations—no proposals, no discussions about having children, and no plans to move to a better place. Each time I brought up these subjects, he deflected, citing one reason or another.

As time marched on, so did my age, and the weight of unrealized dreams began to mount. Now, when he seems ready, my feelings have shifted; the desire is gone, replaced by a profound resentment that has morphed into apathy.

This experience raises an intriguing question about human emotions and expectations. It seems that sometimes, no matter how much you want something and are willing to wait for it, there comes a point when you can wait no longer. Is this a common experience? Have others faced similar situations in their relationships? How have they coped, and what were the outcomes?

I believe timing is crucial in relationships, and when actions are not taken at the right moments, the consequences can be deeply affecting.