After reading my story, you might think or say aloud "stop the Earth, I'll get off.

At least, that was the first thought that came to my mind after my close friend's father made such an obscene proposal.

I had known for a long time that he was a real walker, but I was surprised that it was so bad. Yesterday he called me and asked me to meet him, oddly enough, he called me to his workplace. I think, what's the big deal, I came.

At first he started telling me what a smart and beautiful girl I was, and then he said he was 25 years old and still no husband, it was time to give birth, and other things that should not concern him.

Then he says to my face, openly, directly - "Let's meet today, let's talk... I like you very much, you're beautiful... I'm generous, I won't hurt you, you'll have everything, etc."

I was so disgusted by all this, is it really so similar to the easily available, why does my friend's father think that I will have sex with him. I'm his daughter two years younger than him. I was up all night crying.

I dress rather modestly, I've never even been kissed in my life, I think you can only do it with a potential husband, the father of children. I am a virgin and they offer me this.

Now I am disgusted with myself. I cry all the time. What can I do? He is 50 years old, by the way.