We went to a hot foreign country with exotic fruit, sea, beach, good hotel.

It all cost a lot of money, it wasn't a budget holiday. The girl was exhausted. She does not like to swim (she does not like sand) and to sunbathe (all white, such skin), does not like the sun, dense curtains in the hotel saved, she did not like the fruit, says, all around strangers, began to whine soon that she wants to go home, that the resort beach holiday - not her and never more in life to call and in general for her travel - stress, loves the house!

She says she needs to pay extra to go to warmer climes! It is very hot during the day (cannot quietly go on excursions, walk, all harping with a dissatisfied face and running to where the conditioner), and in the evening bite mosquitoes and gnats her white delicate skin, all swell up.

The result: not a holiday, but hysterics, tears and psychosis, longing for cold and rain. When most people leave a holiday feeling sad, she rejoiced at the airport that she was finally leaving.

I asked her if she wanted to take a last picture. At least the sea. The answer was, "if only to sign that I'm glad it's over!"

A question: is such a reaction to a holiday in a warm country in comfortable conditions, in a good hotel normal? Or is it a psychosis? I mean, most people like that.