I moved in with my girlfriend, we rented an apartment. Living in the capital beats the budget, but we both work.

Her salary is half that of mine, but she gives me everything, and I already manage the money, because she's a spender and fiscally illiterate.

Naturally, I carry most of it on me, not to mention personal items, phones, and other appliances. All she is required to do is clean and cook, but she does it every once in a while and grudgingly, she cleans poorly, she doesn't wash the floors at all. She cooks okay, but not always, excusing herself that she is tired at work and school.

How can I explain to her that she has to be active if she wants a family? For the first six months she was doing everything perfectly, she came to me and made a show of what a housewife she is and how she cleans everything.

Then, after living with her for another year and a half, I became convinced that she was a mother and a hostess only in words, at home she only sits on the phone.

And it's not that I'm picking on the "poor girl," it's that she doesn't care about the future. It feels like a person does not appreciate anything at all and does not need anything. What to do?