I would like to speak out and ask for advice!

I've been dating my boyfriend for almost three months. I'm thirty, he's twenty-two. Although I look much younger than my age: I try to keep in shape, a beautician, etc.

Everything was fine for the first couple of months. A couple of weeks ago he started bitching about my age every chance he got, saying how old you were and giggling.

After a few of these instances, I made it clear that I didn't like it. And that I could get to the bottom of it, too.

⠀ Yesterday again, I was mocked for the same reasons, and I kept silent.

⠀ Today he sent me a picture of an old woman and I said, "What an old woman. ⠀ I got a picture of an old woman in my mailbox today and I said, "Oh, she's so old.

I said he had a crooked chlap and giggled, too.

⠀ I got offended! ⠀ He deleted the correspondence, and now the status does not show when he was there. I am "guilty" now, that the same response to him. And I am supposedly allowed to insult ...

⠀ What should I do in this situation? How do I keep silent? I do not want to apologize after this. Because no one was thinking about my feelings when he said that.