The overall story is this - 5.5 years ago I met a guy on the Internet (let's call him M). I liked him at once, to what I was immensely glad (not so often someone sympathizes), however after a week of communication he has admitted that he was in prison and to sit still decently.

Not long grieved decided that since communication is not obliged to anything, why not continue in a friendly format.

For a year I lived, built personal life, while occasionally communicating with M. And one day I realized that I had feelings for him.

I could not decide for a long time, but all the same, I put aside a lot of fears and doubts and went on a date with him. I understood that I did not need anybody but him.

In general, I waited for him for 5 years (to do what was - studied at the institute, worked, etc.) well, the time has come - he goes in the fall.

Until the long-awaited event by hand, but I immensely worried and begin to myself nakruchivat.

I am afraid that prison has deformed him, even though he is a really good and honest man with iron principles. I am worried how to behave when he gets out? We want to start living together.