Good day, I am in a contradictory situation. I am 29 years old, my husband is 36, we have been in a relationship for three years, married for a year and a half.

The thing is that from the very beginning my husband said that he was not going to support anyone and that I should pay for my "wants" myself.

My husband earns a great salary and I can't complain. We go on trips, go to cafes and restaurants, he also pays for groceries and utilities himself. In his opinion, he fully supports me.

However, we have scandals and constant arguments even if I ask for a manicure, for example. Or a taxi. We live peacefully if I don't ask for anything for myself, but this situation is depressing.

I thought the situation would change once I got married, but in fact everything is still the same. He doesn't consider the common budget, and when we quarrel he sends me to look for a better-paid job to cater for my whims.

Also the difficulty is that my husband doesn't need much to live on: we go to restaurants for me, we go on trips also because of me. He would prefer to work even on holidays and weekends: to write articles, take courses, etc. For the same reason he doesn't need a car, but I would like to have one. In his opinion, it is a useless waste of money. That is why he is not going to drive and does not want to.

Now I am studying for a licence, but I understand that we will not have a car, because he does not need it, and my salary is not enough.

From time to time I have thoughts of having a lover, maybe at least the lover will be generous with me. Is it possible to change my husband's thinking? How can I do that? I'm ready to try any way I can.