I am desperate and don't know what to do. We have been married for two years, the child is one year old.

My husband has always been well off, made good wages, never denied me anything, we went on vacation, bought an apartment, cars, I had a baby.

And then my husband decided to go up in business and wanted to make more money. With friends, they bought some factory and my husband invested there more than anyone else, got into debt.

In the end the business went bust, someone screwed them there, my husband's money was lost completely.

He was depressed, we fought, I was angry at him for setting our family up and leaving him without money.

He ended up leaving me and my son's apartment, our car, and he left me for his parents' apartment, saying that I wanted everything at once and I was boring him. He helps with money and visits his son. We haven't lived together for three months.

Now his business seems to be getting better and he is earning more money. I noticed it by his clothes and his mood.