I found out that my husband (who has been married for 2 years) has been helping his sister (who, by the way, doesn't need anything, she just got used to my brother doing everything for her and could not accept that he now has a wife and a child) with money for a long time.

Helps to the detriment of our family, since I'm on maternity leave and we don't have enough for trips, big purchases, etc. My sister-in-law demands it, she thinks my brother is her property.

I talked to my husband and he said he couldn't really help her but he couldn't refuse her, he didn't want to quarrel with her.

I decided to help him and talked to my sister-in-law. I was met with a storm of incomprehension and anger, how is it that I tell her what to do or not to do with her own brother! She told me that it was none of my business, and that she would deal with her brother on her own. She said that if I can't manipulate my husband, then it's my problem, and that she'll keep taking money from him (my brother) as she wants.

We were talking on the phone, and I prepared myself, recorded the conversation, and let my husband listen to it. He was shocked at what she said, thought she was an angel in the flesh and was not pleased to hear he was being manipulated. (For some reason he hadn't realized it before...)

The husband promises to stop the payments. But what I did not like was his words: if I had the opportunity, I would help myself, I do not even have to ask me, but so far the truth is not possible, and said it to me, for some reason, in a sad tone. So I think, does that mean that when I come out of maternity leave the money situation will improve and he will start to leak money to my sister again? Do I need it? We have a kid of our own. It's not right, is it?

By the way, his sister has no special problems, she lives in a three-room apartment with her husband and child, I do not see any reason to give her money...