Married for three years. Both graduated in linguistics with English. I went to work for an IT company in support, at first I got about the same as he did - 50-60 thousand, now I was promoted to lead and started giving other projects, the salary became twice as much.

He started working at the language school as soon as he started. The salary there was and still is at the level of 50 thousand, in summer even less.

We constantly quarrel about the money. We can't even go out to eat in a normal restaurant, because he always has no money, and I don't want to pay for him, I don't want to eat in McDonalds either.

Right now I'm thinking about a summer vacation, I want to go to a nice hotel in Turkey, and he says he has no money. To be honest, I doubt it, it feels like he wants me to contribute some of it.

I also do not like the fact that he says that my work does not make sense and that he helps people develop, even if they are paid less.

What should I do in this situation? He does not want to change his job.