A year ago at work I met an employee. He is almost twice my age. He rarely comes to work. Once a week (it's his job).

Immediately I caught myself thinking that he really likes me, but for sure he is married. Of course, it turned out so. Married with two children. For me it was a taboo. Immediately dismissed all thoughts about him.

But every time I felt uncomfortable when he came to work for us. It gave me goosebumps.

After half a year he started to show interest in me himself and later it turned out that he liked me a long time ago. We started communicating intimately and immediately dotted all the i's and i's (though mostly from his side). He said he would never leave his wife, no matter what happened (he had his own reasons for that).

But I didn't have to. We both know that we are in a money-money relationship, but here he was just trying to cheat.

He presents all this to me that he allegedly loves me very much, can not imagine a day without me, etc. We call each other every day, we almost see each other too. But we meet once a week to continue.

He understands perfectly well that I need f*nancial help. But, so that it does not look like a commodity relationship, he begins to be offended and again presents me with the fact that he has real feelings. And many times he has stipulated that I shouldn't consider him a wallet. He'll give me money for nothing, but just so I don't cheekily pull it out. I play along with him so to speak. But he's not in a hurry to put his help on my table.

So he takes advantage of my young body, pouring into my ears that I'm the most beloved, etc., but he tries to avoid the f*nancial theme. I'm already stressed by these meetings.

But I don't have the courage to tell him everything straight out. Because initially stipulated that he does not need to see a purse (and then he would be offended), but it's all implied. How to do (as impudent as he is) to make him understand that he will bring himself on a platter will be very rare? How to make him help with money?