Good day! I have been dating a married man for about 1.5 years. We met in the company of friends. Charmed him, charmed him. At first, I categorically refused him.

Finally, he took me by force, generosity and presents. It took a long time to persuade her to s*x. In the end, we decided to date. Everything suits me, I am a career woman. Meetings, restaurants, even went to the sea with him for a week. In holidays, he is with me or my family 50/50.

I was sure my wife was aware of everything and accepted the rules of the game. How could you think otherwise when he was on call 24/7, always picking up the phone, answering messages, coming over for any reason: sick, faucet broken, etc.

As it turned out, she was not aware. Not a clue at all. Someone had leaked everything to her. I got a message from her about a week ago. Sobbing, sobbing. About boomerangs, karma, responsibility, that I was taking my father out of the family (for a minute I wasn't).

The next day we saw my man. I didn't say a word, neither did he. Then a text message. In short, she would not talk to him, but pressures me))) and here I thought: "Your family, you deal with it.

Tell me, well, what kind of stupidity, shifting responsibility from the person who swore you eternal love on the left lady? I ended up ignoring her.

I date and spend time with the man, just like before. So far so good.