Whether it's at work, in the family, or with health problems: those who are highly stressed are unlikely to have the desire to have sex. Too bad, because making love helps you relax better than alcohol and pills.

Sure, conciliatory sex is very popular. But if you fight several times a week, you will want each other less. It makes sense. After all, you spend most of your time sulking at each other.

Of course, children are not libido destroyers. But it's perfectly normal for couples to have sex less often after birth. First, because the woman may still have physical problems. Second, everything starts to revolve around the baby. The highlight is sleepless nights!

Does he (she) want sex, or will he turn me down again? Should I offer handcuffs? If couples don't talk openly about their needs, misunderstandings can quickly arise. For fear of being rejected, partners restrain themselves in everything about sex, and they have it less and less often. Therefore, the best recipe for good sex will always be communication.

Some pills, like hormonal contraceptives or antidepressants, can have a negative effect on libido. And where there is less desire, there is less sex. It may make sense to switch to a different medication. You should only discuss this with your doctor.