m 30 years old, my fiancé dumped me half a year ago, right before the wedding: "no feelings, I don't love you anymore", I'm depressed.

I teach English to adults, what's not a new student, either married or dating or looking for girls 5 years younger, go to standup or somewhere, all in pairs.

Met on sites, but realized that I will not deliberately look for people who are crying over their exes there and looking for plugs or narcissists.

In short, the depression is unbelievable, half a year after relations one, before that serious relations too did not work out.

I do not know whether there is a sense to wait for something now, if even in the youngest years was not a fart, every month I lose eggs, looking for clinics with donor sp*rma, the price is affordable to me, I can do the procedure even tomorrow.

Girls, please support me, what would you do?