At 20, I find myself unexpectedly pregnant by my 21-year-old boyfriend, who is already a father from a previous marriage. The news of my pregnancy has brought a mix of emotions and complex decisions that weigh heavily on both of us.

My boyfriend is a kind man who loves children and supports me in every aspect. However, there is a significant complication: he has a son from his previous marriage to whom he is financially committed. The prospect of another child raises concerns about our financial stability and capacity to provide for a growing family.

Another challenge we face is our living situation. We currently rent and do not own our own home, which means our options are limited. We could potentially move in with his parents or mine, but this decision comes with its own set of challenges. If we choose to live with his parents, his son from his previous marriage visits often, which is a situation I find uncomfortable.

Despite these difficulties, my boyfriend is enthusiastic about the pregnancy. He believes that we should get married soon, and even his grandmother supports this idea, celebrating the news as wonderful. They both feel that the sooner we formalize our relationship, the better.

On the other hand, my aunt advises against having the baby, citing our lack of stability and the potential challenges ahead. She fears that bringing a child into our current situation could complicate our lives further.

I am torn and unsure about the best course of action. With the pregnancy still in its early stages, I have some time to make a decision, but the differing opinions from those close to me make it difficult to see a clear path forward. What should I do? How should I proceed in this delicate situation?