Good afternoon, dear readers. It is unlikely that many people will be able to understand me, but I really want to speak out.

I am the "poor relation" who is usually portrayed in Russian movies as an impudent and out of touch person. For some reason, it is assumed that if you make ends meet, you must be boorish and stupid.

I was really unlucky in life. I didn't work for almost three years - I was taking care of a child. During that difficult period, I got into debt. I took every part-time job I could get to earn an extra penny.

Since then I became a useless fifth wheel for my family. Even now, when the financial situation has recovered, I continue to be treated as a second-class person.

They give me unnecessary gifts. For some reason they think that I should be glad of any junk, which they prefer to get rid of. So they brought me a stained microwave oven that my brother's family had been using for the past few years. The buttons are peeled off, and there are greasy sweats inside. And this is despite the fact that I did not ask or hint that I need a microwave. I got along just fine without it. The light bulb inside the oven didn't work - it burned out, and the voltage regulator was broken and wouldn't move from its place. Thanks, of course, but man.

Also, my ex-husband's father-in-law brought me a rusty washing machine. And this is despite the fact that I already had a washing machine. Said he would have a spare. They bring me all kinds of crap. Apparently, out of principle - sorry to throw out, but too lazy to sell.

Not to mention the small useless gifts they bring me. For them, I'm like a junkyard... disposing of all kinds of useless garbage.

I'm a very soft person, but I'm sick of this situation.