My boyfriend and I have been living together for three years. 2.5 of which he said he wanted kids, and I'm a d*ck, I believed him.

All this time he didn't work out, and then 2.5 years later he was able to andddd.... Told me to go do ab*t!

To say that I was just shocked is nothing to say. Said he had to get my life together and have a baby in 2 years when I pass my driver's license and get a good job (he is 28, I am 22).

Just do not throw pats and say that I am a naive idiot, I know it well myself.

But to lie for 2.5 years that you want children it's just awful, during this time you could think everything over and understand exactly need, or not.

I just feel immoral. Shifts all the responsibility on me and says if you want to have a baby go have a baby, the child is yours. How to act in this situation, I am in a complete stupor?