My husband works in a cab with my car. I'm on maternity leave. He doesn't get much, but plus my maternity pay, we have enough.

I have long suggested him to sell the car and find another job, as I believe that his salary does not cover all the costs of the car, the tax, insurance paid by me from maternity leave.

Plus recently had a big breakdown, the repair cost 45 thousand, which I took to the krdit, with the condition that he will be able to zt work for the kr*dit.

I went to my mom's for 3 days, so he was on vacation for the joy of it. I called him, asked him to pick us up, and he was drunk! How can you do this? It was on the weekend, when you can wage my kr*dit, he decided to have a rest!

My opinion - pay the debt and rest, the impression that he does not care that I weigh the debt.

I decided that after such a need to sell the car, why do I need to maintain the car, and he will drink to his pleasure. And I have forbidden to help him with the money. Your opinion, am I right?
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You can't help a man with money!!! It's an axiom! Listen, support and all!
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Strange, cab drivers get a lot of money if they want to, the guy was a cab driver, I know! Most likely your husband is cheating on you😢
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Find a job in another part of town and tell him that now you need a car for your business, and he has to think about how to provide for the family now. Explain to him that if he doesn't work, you'll have to file for alimony and your support, and the court will appropriate it. Yes, not much, but this money will be deducted from his salary, and if he accumulates debt, he will still have to pay.