I have been dating a man for about six months. Complicated relationship from the beginning. We lived together, but then I moved out.

There was a separation for a week, during this time he slept with another woman.

We made up, I accepted the fact, but it was not treason - it was during the breakup.

Although it hurt, of course. Now I often stay at his place, but sometimes, when there is a lot of work, I go to my place.

But the question is different: he works with girls, there are a lot of them around him. So, today I went to his place, went into the shower and saw there black hair (and I am blonde).

Asked him calmly about it, no complaints. He *** how he started yelling and saying I was out of my mind. Like he could always have hair on him. Racked on me.

Do you think this is cheating or not? This is just the first time I've encountered something like this. I expected a calm response, not tantrums and accusations.