Hello! I want to ask for advice, I want to hear the opinion of others! I am 20, the man is 45.

Met recently, spent a lot of time together, flew together to rest. He is very serious about me, I like him too, only I constantly think about the age difference.

Shortly after we flew back from our vacation together abroad, my menstrual period began to delay, and I told him about it.

He really wants a family with me, a baby. He says he will provide for everything, solve all my problems. He says we will make a prenuptial agreement. Since I am afraid in case of divorce I have nowhere to go, I have no job or apartment.

I took a test. Two lines. Made an appointment at the gynecologist, turned out to be four weeks pregnant.

Not ready for a baby at all. Decided to get an abortion. Didn't tell him about it, said that ultrasound doesn't show anything, I should take additional tests. But I had my doubts, what if I have an abortion now, and then regret it! But I'm also afraid of the future with him!

He is a good man, reliable, very rich. He looks good, he exercises, and he takes care of himself and his health. In the c*x, everything is OK, too.

Tomorrow I go to the gynecologist, I will have to decide what to do? Can you please give me some advice? Maybe an outsider's perspective will help me.