Hi girls. I want to share my story with you and ask your opinion, what should I do with a man?

I'm 39 - nice looking, recently divorced permanently, have a child. I do not need anything - a great job, high zp, a flat, a car (the property was registered to my parents).

About my husband I do not want to talk, for me he is in the past, although I will draw parallels. At dances (where I also not so long ago was recorded) I have got acquainted with the man, well maybe even the guy - he is 29, tall, in good shape, works aspires to success, almost has closed the flat mortgage. Not married, no kids of course. He and I were a couple at a dance and subsequently became close. Communication, occasional walks and of course s*x.

I wanted to fill a void with this guy, but I found a diamond. In sx it's something. I got married early, only had one guy before my husband. Sx with my husband was awful - cold, a couple of standard positions, perpetually unsatisfied me, nothing new. But this guy was a dream.

He made me feel wanted for a long time. He has enormous desire, excellent potency, we have tried a bunch of positions, he is the one who has brought me to new org*ms, sex with him is quality, down to the smallest detail and much more - it's wow.

It's like I've never had s*x before and it's new to me. And so I'd like to ask smart women for their opinion, what should I do next?

Trying to dig a little deeper into the personal, trying to get us together, but it's like he's keeping his distance. But I don't give up, he's gorgeous in every way and I don't want to break up with him.