It's my birthday the other day. I have been dating a man for six months. Yesterday he gave me a gift worth $100 while we were at the mall.

I had no plans to celebrate, I told him nothing, and then he asked me: "Well, what shall we do to celebrate? Where are you taking me? He smiles.

⠀ I said that I had not even thought about celebrating, because it was just the two of us, there was no one to invite, and I had no extra money, and he said that it was impossible not to celebrate.

And last night late in the evening it became clear to me from him that if we go to a cafe, then I pay for the banquet. I was a little confused, I said I did not propose you to celebrate, you wanted to, and asked about it, and he smiled and said well, at least once, you yourself invite me somewhere and pay!

It would be one thing if I was the first to tell him publicly that I invited him to go out, but I kept silent, he brought up the topic himself!

My salary is three times less than his! He knows. I don't have a lot of money, and I've never paid for men.

⠀ Could it be a test or something? Do you think I should take him to a cafe and pay the bill?