I have been dating a young man for a few months, we live together all the time, we do everything together, we feel good together, we make plans for the future and have already made some of them.

His mother is arriving soon and a month ago we agreed that I will get tickets for a theatre and we will go together and introduce her to him.

But now his mum is coming and he wanted to go with her alone, I got upset, eventually he gave the okay for me to go, but as if apart from them, and wants to introduce me as an acquaintance, said why do I need these discussions later.

Although he said that his mother was calm and was aware that he had a girlfriend. As a result, I am going with my friends and he with my mum. I will give him and my mum the tickets at the meeting before the performance but we will sit separately in order not to embarrass them.

Because he said it might be embarrassing for all of us. It's not very nice, I don't know what to do, can you tell me please? A friend advises me to go to my mum herself and exchange phone numbers and then talk.