I never thought that my friend would turn out to be a I'm a mother. That's what they call parents who always know what's best for their children, not giving a damn about the people around them.

The friendship, by the way, ended six months ago, when my patience was broken. But let's go over everything in order. We went to school together, then joined the same group at the institute. There was no limit to our happiness; we had been best friends since the 1st grade, close people who supported each other in everything for 15 years. We had our own weddings: first mine, then hers. And when the children were born, it was as if my friend was replaced.

I gave birth first, then her friend had a child. My husband and I were planning to have more children, but even then my friend started asking us for free clothes and strollers, saying that we wouldn't need them anymore.

When the kids grew up, it was time to go to kindergarten, she forgot to get in line and scolded the whole world and blamed the other children for her own misstep. In the sandbox, too, began a showdown: she could pick up someone else's toys, but if someone accidentally took their scoop home, the conflict broke out.

Then she started having babies literally one by one. While my husband and I were planning our second, she managed to have our third. She thought I had too much free time, so she took the fashion of giving her eldest to me, because our children were the same age. I both nursed and taught with mine in the end, not wanting to quarrel with his friend. But then I got tired of it. Her boy was not very well-mannered, he started hooliganizing in my own house, even stealing (probably at my mother's instigation) and distracting my son from his studies.