Yesterday I had my birthday. 30 years old. 2 months in a relationship with a man who is 28.

Celebrated at a restaurant, my girlfriends (4 people and him). He was late because he was working, he came an hour late.

He kissed me on the cheek and gave me a bag, I didn't open it, I put it with the other presents.

There were no flowers, which surprised me a lot, since such a date, I am a girl and I like flowers and he knows it. My girlfriends all gave him a bouquet each.

Had a good time, opened the gifts today and was BLEEPED. The guy gave me a supermarket kit (shower gel, washcloth and lotion from dove))))) honestly, I laughed. This "gift" made me hysterical, I just don't understand how this can even happen?

No, I wasn't expecting diamonds, he's on another level, but to give shower gel and a washcloth to a girl on her 30th birthday, that's atrocious. I know how much he makes and that makes it even more disgusting.

Was he trying to make fun of me? I don't know how to respond to that? Do you think I should tell him about my displeasure or keep quiet?