If my daughter-in-law has a bad heredity. My only grandson got a psychiatric disability. And a few years earlier my granddaughter died due to brain pathology.

When she was diagnosed with the problem, I told my son to get a divorce and marry a normal healthy woman. He wouldn't listen and was very rude. Now there's a problem with my grandson.

He will pay alimony, that's life, but you have to prolong the family, and the offspring have to be healthy. I tried to talk to my daughter-in-law about leaving our family, that we don't need sick people, but she kicked me out with foul language, not shying away from the neighbors.

The grandson saw it. I don't understand my son. He is young, he is only 33 years old. There are plenty of girls everywhere, but he was confronted by a faggot with a bad heritage and a foul mouth.

I don't want a sick grandson with a mental diagnosis, but my son doesn't realize he's ruining our family.

And such stories happen,- the editors.