Please explain! A man has offered to live together on a half-time basis.

I have a lot of questions. The only one where I have the least questions is about housing (either someone has it and people contribute to the communal rent, or they rent 50/50, which is not cheap, I understand that).

And then?!

Food, what's half of it? I'm on a dairy/vegetable diet right now, chewing my cottage cheese.

I don't eat meat, and I don't need borscht and dumplings. Do I still have to go to the shop and cook? Why?

Things-I don't want to wash and iron another man's pants and socks. And I don't want mine touched! I have a lot of "delicate fabrics" and hand washing a lot. I can do it myself!

And the technique? - Then how do you divide it?

That's a lot of questions, really. Can you help me figure it out?