The husband is now in jail, soon the court will be a real sentence, the lawyer promises not less than 5 years, really 6-7, taking into account all the mitigating factors. I do not need advice about my husband, the question will be different.

I have a mother-in-law, she is disabled group 1, paralyzed and amputated part of his leg. We live in houses across the street, across the yard, she has a one-bedroom and us (ours was bought in the marriage with common money).

Mother-in-law needs care and help, usually I help with household chores, and the rest my husband (she still needs to be lifted, she is heavy).

Now my parents told me to move in with us. My husband and I have a 4 year old daughter. I am good to my mother-in-law, but when I move to her will not be able to visit.

First of all the kindergarten will now be 40 minutes by shuttle bus, and when they move to another in another area is unknown, I went to work last year for a half day. I want to rent out our apartment to have some money, it's 8-9 thousand.

But what to do with my mother-in-law? The social security office will give a social worker, but he will come during the day, groceries, food, a little cleaning and care. Obviously that's not enough.

A caregiver is wildly expensive, we have no savings, we bought an apartment, we pay a lawyer, in general, little money.

Will they take me to a nursing home if I bring a copy of the court order after my sentence? Or an annuity contract, but there is my husband, he is the heir, as if there would not be problems later.

No private nursing homes are out of the question. There is no money for them. In general, my head is broken what to do.

Mother-in-law a hundred years divorced, my husband is her only child, there is really not a sister, but the elderly, lives with her grandchildren, not a variant of care. Yes, and was at the mother-in-law.