When love arrives, it can sweep you off your feet. This was precisely what happened in my relationship which escalated rapidly from the initial sparks to a whirlwind of emotions and mutual attraction. Within just a month, we were certain about our feelings and decided to move in together.

He relocated from his hometown to be with me, a move that meant abandoning his studies and all his personal engagements. Although he was younger, initially the age difference seemed insignificant. However, as time passed, it began to introduce complications into our relationship.

I am fortunate to have a well-paying job that I genuinely enjoy, but the dynamics shifted dramatically when he spent the first month unemployed, living off my earnings. During this time, he not only depended on my salary but also began using my credit card liberally, accumulating a substantial debt.

After that month, he did find employment, but it was a low-paying job. Despite recognizing the inadequate salary, he has not attempted to find better work. His earnings, modest as they are, go towards groceries and our entertainment—a gesture I appreciate, though it's not without its flaws. He has never contributed to rent or made efforts to pay off his debts. The financial burden has begun to wear on me, as I find myself spending nearly all my salary on our joint expenses.

Most of our treats and small luxuries come at the expense of my credit, which is honestly something I’m growing increasingly uncomfortable with. The crux of my distress is this: why does he not seek better employment? It's been half a year, and despite numerous discussions about his financial contribution and career, there seems to be no change in his approach.

This ongoing situation leaves me questioning our future together. How do I handle a partnership where financial responsibilities seem so unevenly distributed? This is my plea for advice: what should I do when the person I love continues to live as if our financial realities do not exist?