The question now is not about morality, but about the laws of nature. There are two objects:

a married super-handsome man, tall, strong, blue-eyed blond, with thick hair, very smart and cunning, with a good sense of humor, and funny. He doesn't mind having a mistress. But he is also very cocky, arrogant, selfish, feels like an empty place with him, his wife walks around hunched over and hungry (so apparently I am not alone in this impression, and I feel so much like a nobody next to him that I wanted to take antidepressants at one time);

single, just good-looking, not as tall, modest hair, not as trim as the first, probably not as strong genes, though also very smart, funny. But he loves, is ready to marry, with him I feel in harmony.
Who to date and who to have a baby with?