Women, I need your help! I'm having a big moment in my life. My story: I wanted a family, children.

My first official tank ended in divorce, which was the reason I would like to know myself.

It ended like this: my wife stole all the joint savings and she set a condition that from now on she would go to court to divide everything. She won't let me see my child.

I still want a family. I met a woman online with a child. The child is very young, just like mine. I really want us to be together.

We should meet soon and I will propose cohabitation (not marriage) to her and that I only bring home the part of my salary that we will actually spend.

The rest should stay in my account until we decide together what to buy with the money we've saved. And if it's a flat, then it should be in shares, proportional to how much we have contributed.

But I'm afraid she will not agree, and the second time to go through such I can not stand. Help me with advice!