As a result of mutation, humans have only 5 percent active brains and 95 percent inactive brains.
The brain is not able to assimilate incoming information. Through the media, as a result of negative information and repetition through advertising, zombification of man occurs.
I.e. the person, from level of the consciousness accepts all information and it is put off every day in this 95 percent. All negative information enters this part of the brain. And it is difficult for a man to distinguish the truth from lie.
But, today many people are interested only in the material side: money and power and do not care in what way it comes to them. It is for territory, power and money that wars and murders of people happen on our planet Earth.
Consciousness is completely closed, a man is deaf and blind and does not know what he is doing. He has a house and a new car, he needs another one and a sports car, then a plane, a helicopter, a yacht ... Honestly, a man cannot earn such money, and he begins to violate the Law of the Creator for realization of his dream - to hurt a man! And he does it until "the rooster bites him". Then he can stop and think, "Why did this happen to him?
What to do? How to get out of this situation?
After all, for the Creator of the Earth, our Earth is an Organism. And if there is a war in one part, it will have an effect on the other part. War leads to mutation of the planet Earth, cataclysms occur. If mutation (negative energy) of the planet Earth takes place, then so does the Man. Therefore children are born with cancer, leukemia, etc. All of this is the result of mutation of the human organism.
Therefore, to stop the wars everyone should put the spiritual side in the foreground, with the material side in the background.
Watch less TV, where there is a constant stream of lies and negativity and in the brain there is no room for positive thoughts, and watch calmly programs, music, movies which will put you in a good mood. And gradually the consciousness will be opened and the man will start to free from the frames, dogmas and postulates and will start to distinguish grains from chaff.
Only in silence come thoughts and information from the channel of the Creator.
We must learn to live in harmony with ourselves and the outside world. Everyone will change himself and the world will change, wars will disappear and world peace will come, and planet Earth will become a true paradise.