We had a colleague at work who was 25 years old, very fat, wore glasses, wore worn-out clothes, couldn't stand up for herself, she was often g*cked and dumped on her.

Many people pitied her, gave her advice on how to put on makeup and dress to find a man at work, even advised her to have a baby for herself, but she still walked around like a sorority girl.

⠨ In the end, she married a guy five years younger than her from Austria, quit her job and went to live there. We're all shocked!

Where and how they met, how long they dated and what he did for a living, she didn't tell us.

So we advised her to look prettier, but at that time she was getting ready to marry him and she kept silent. We asked her why she kept silent and she said it was none of our business.

⠀ Several colleagues have it on facebook, looked at their photos. Surprisingly, there's a stately and handsome guy, apparently on the depressions. There are also a couple of old pics of her there, before she joined us. She looks different in the picture, prettier and thinner. Maybe it's photoshopped.

In general we were shocked by the whole team and are still shocked. Why do people like her get married successfully, while the beautiful and well-groomed get married alone or marry beggars?