I recently found out that my wife went to counselling, wondering how we could sign over the flat we live in to our youngest daughter. Not to write a will, but to rewrite it.

Considering that the flat is all mine and that we have another daughter, the situation is strange.

Turns out the younger one wants to get married, and her future husband is only willing to marry if she at least organises half of the flat for him.

I always felt that the older one was less loved by the wife, but to be like this. There was a big row, in the process the wife said the younger one was from a lover. She never loved me, so she doesn't love the older one, and the younger one is the light in the window, plus she's known for a long time that I'm not the father.

I couldn't come to my senses for a few days. Then I went to the eldest, she lives in the suburbs with her husband and daughter. It turned out she knew, so she didn't talk to them, she always saw me separately.

Why do you women do this? How do I build my life after betrayal?