Hello dear girls. I have been living with my roommate for 4 years. I am 39 years old, he is 43. He is an officer, respectively, not traveling. I am a middle manager.

In general, we live amicably. They both have marriages and children of legal age. And now gnawing at me resentment why my roommate does not let me go to the sea? Before him, I always went abroad without problems. With him I can not do it. He believes that the rest should be only joint.

On the one hand I understand it, on the other hand, why should I change my principles and habits, if we are not even husband and wife?

By the way, he was married for 17 years and sometimes let his wife go to the sea if he could not go + paid all her expenses. He divorced because of her walks on the sea.

And now I should be responsible for his wife's actions?

I'm not asking him to pay for my vacation, I make good money, fully support myself. And I can not understand whether I am right or not. Maybe it's really not right to be apart on vacation?

All these 4 years we "vacation" 7-10 days together in apartments where we had to cook and clean. Fed up. I would like at least once every 5 years a normal vacation where you do not have to cook and clean at least one week.

What do you think? How to do?