We've been dating for 6 years, cohabiting for 5, I'm 26, he's 28.

After a couple of years of dating, I started thinking about the fact that there is no hint of marriage from him.

I started the topic, he said first you need to save up, and then get married, a few months ago bought a car (and I do not even have a driving licence, that is, I can not even use it, I'm going to go to school) now he is going to save up for a flat.

I asked him directly: are you not going to get married? To which he said that I will buy a flat, and then it will be seen. I'm shocked!

So many years it turns out I was a servant, and housing rented in half and buy food at my own expense and cook a delicious dinner.

I take it he wants to buy everything premarital? And it's not like he's getting married.

Anger takes for the time spent on him, because the relationship was almost perfect or is it so much pretended.

I want to take and leave, but to leave will be expensive. After all, I live in another city from parents, work normal, I have in the city is not such, and do not want to return there mum with stepfather and younger sister, in fact to live nowhere. What would you do?