Boyfriend 23 years old. I play sports, have a good job, my own flat and a nice car.

I met a girl on the internet. She is 21 years old. From a good family. Very pretty, slim, smart, thrifty and so on and so forth. Great person from all sides, mutual sympathy is boiling over. We have been together for six months now. But there is one BUT!

She has a child from her ex-boyfriend who is one year old. Personally, I have accepted it as a given, for I am well with this person as with no one else.

However, my parents and friends are trying their best to talk me out of this relationship. You'll find a much better one at your age and without kids.

She's just a *** that's clouded your judgment, "sucking on the trough". ...acting normal for a while, a girl who ruined her old family will ruin her new one. And other, other unflattering words.

I am very tired of constant criticism in my address and I myself have begun to doubt the rightness of my choice.

Is it worth it to end a relationship with someone who is crazy good together because she has a child? What should I do?