"Girls, I need some advice from the outside. I've been dating this man for three months. Everything was going well. He buys and does everything I ask for, and he even surprises me with gifts on his own.

Recently, I found out that he had searched for and viewed all the photos of my parents and relatives on social networks. Before that, he had already gathered all the information about me since my birth through his own sources—where I went to school, where I've worked, the cars I've owned, real estate, fines—everything that could possibly be found.

And now, something about this makes me feel utterly disgusted. Yes, I was telling him things about myself, maybe not everything, but only what I thought was necessary.

Since finding this out, I've been silent and haven't responded to him. What should I do now? Would you stay with a man like this?"

This narrative echoes a common concern in the digital age—privacy. While some might see his actions as a sign of dedication, others may view it as a breach of trust. What do you think? Would you be comfortable in a relationship with someone who goes to such lengths to uncover your past?