You seem to be asking for advice on whether or not to accept a man's offer to come home for you when you first meet him. This is a personal choice, and each person determines for themselves their comfort level in these situations. Some may feel quite comfortable having someone come to their home to pick them up, while others may prefer a more neutral territory for a first meeting to ensure a sense of security.

Here are a few aspects that may help you make a decision:

Personal safety: It's important to keep your own safety in mind. If you don't feel comfortable with the idea of someone knowing your home address before you get to know that person better, it's better to suggest meeting in a public place.

Trust: The issue of trust is important. Ask yourself if you trust this person enough to share personal information such as your home address.

Intuition: Listen to your intuition. If something seems off, it's probably worth taking seriously.

Situational Control: When meeting in a neutral place, you may feel more confident, have more control over the situation, and can walk away if you don't like something.

Public Opinion: Your environment can also play a role in your decision. Friends and family can offer sound advice or express concerns that are worth considering.

When talking about their experiences, many people say that they prefer to meet in a café, park or other public place where there are a lot of people. This makes them feel more confident and safe. However, some may feel confident enough to immediately invite the person to their home or agree to their offer to stop by.

Either way, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and safe. Feel free to express your feelings and preferences, and remember that any person who respects you will accept your decision.