Amidst the bustle of life in a metropolitan city, there lies a love story intertwined with the decisions of youth, dreams, financial struggles, and emotional commitments. This tale unveils the concerns and decisions a 22-year-old woman faces when asked to take a significant step in her relationship.

Meet Anya, a 22-year-old woman who lives in a quaint town with her parents, far removed from the bustling streets of the metropolitan city. On the other side of this romantic tale stands Dmitry, also 22. The couple has a quintessential long-distance relationship. While Dmitry works in the city, he doesn't own a place and often finds refuge either in his car or at relatives' homes. Although originating from Anya's town and having familial ties there, his work has led him to the megalopolis.

The lovebirds, having been in a relationship for five months, manage to bridge the distance by spending countless hours every day talking over video calls. Their meetings are special – about a week every month. And during these meetings, they weave dreams for the future, dreams that Dmitry wishes to bring to fruition soon.

One such dream was Dmitry's proposal to Anya about moving to the city and renting an apartment together. With a promise that he'd bear the expenses until she finds a job, he expects to split the costs thereafter. All of this was to culminate in a grand plan – move in January and get married in March. But there's a catch – Dmitry is financially tied due to a loan he had taken to help his parents with home renovations.

Anya, however, wasn't instantly swept off her feet with this proposition. She felt the call was more towards sharing an apartment than towards marriage. To this, Dmitry hinted at a marriage proposal coming her way in November. His plan is elaborate: sell his current car, pay off the parents' loan, and either buy a cheaper vehicle or save some money for the wedding.

As for their living situation, Dmitry's parents plan to sell their house post the couple's wedding, using the proceeds to shift into an apartment. The young couple would then use this money to purchase their own place in the metropolitan city.

But, as romantic and thoughtful as Dmitry's plan sounds, it isn't entirely without flaws. Anya, the dreamy-eyed girl from a small town, always imagined her big move to the city would be into her own home, not a rented space. She felt Dmitry's proposal was asking for a commitment without entirely offering one himself. His defense? He believes in building a life together from scratch, rather than waiting for the perfect circumstances.

The story unfolds as Anya finds herself at a crossroads. While the promise of love and commitment from Dmitry is enticing, there are genuine concerns about financial stability and the kind of life she had always envisioned for herself.

This modern romantic dilemma underscores the challenges young couples face in today's world – balancing dreams with reality, love with practicality, and individual aspirations with shared goals.

As December nears, Anya must decide: Is she ready to build a life from scratch with Dmitry, with all its uncertainties? Or does she hold onto her dreams and visions for her future, even if it means letting go of her current relationship?

With love stories becoming as complex as ever in our rapidly changing world, Anya's dilemma serves as a reflection for many young individuals making life-altering decisions amidst emotional and financial challenges.