The age-old question is, where do I meet people? I'm 24. My schedule is work-home. I used to go to the gym, but I've stopped now.

For the last year and a half I've been sitting on a dating site with interruptions. Met more than 20+ times and every time it's not the same.

He's small, or he's complexed, or he's not the one in the picture, or his nails are long. If I like someone, I do not like him, or do not mutually like each other.

Are there any normal people? Where are they found? If I come across such, then something is wrong with me too.

And I do not perceive guys so much, all of them are super-cool in correspondence and not those in real life.

Out of all these meetings, there was only one normal guy who was more or less normal to communicate with and then he went to the DF.

Correspondence with guys doesn't excite me in any way, they all are the same and all can be hooked up with the same things, no matter how old he is or what he does.

So the question is, how and where do other people get acquainted? What to do?