Good evening! Here I sit and think, do they want to scam me or not?

I need a collective opinion or who have already experienced and what came out of it.

We are dating a man for about a year, so he has an apartment, it is being renovated, there is an office job, but he wants to develop more sales for himself.

And now I was very confused by his request to exchange my dollars and invest in the purchase of goods for sale. I don't know, I always wanted to be behind the man, the husband, the woman I love, not the deputy or investor, etc. Or is there nothing wrong with that and am I winding myself up?

The thing is also that this is my reserve, as I am currently unemployed. No extra money, just for food and utilities. Before that I was married and my husband took care of the salaries, we lived well, but we separated because my husband refused to have children at all...

I did not agree with him in this matter, but we separated without a scandal, so what to divide.

I don't know whether to stop having sex with this man and try to build a mini business or to keep him as a lover and look for a husband.

It seems to me that something went wrong, they no longer see me as the woman they love?