Hello everyone. I've been in a relationship for nearly a year now, living together for about six months. There was a time when I could afford to buy a new coat for spring or some beautiful lingerie, but now, my budget constraints are so tight that not only can I not purchase new clothing, but even taking a taxi when urgently needed seems too expensive.

All my money goes towards buying groceries that I cook for us, while he takes care of the rent. As for romantic gestures or dining out, those are seemingly off the table. He doesn't take me out to cafes or any other places.

I've tried hinting that maybe we could go out somewhere, but we end up staying in.

The last time, I spent money on a manicure and pedicure, and by the end of the month, I didn't have enough left for groceries. I had to ask my mother for help, which was incredibly humiliating for me.

This situation has made me think: is this really what I want? Questions loom in my mind about our future, especially when it comes to having children. How will he support us if I go on maternity leave?

Yet, I love this person dearly. He tells me that he's never felt such a connection with anyone else and that I am 'the one.'