Hello, I wanted to ask for some advice. With a guy dating almost 5 years, on his birthday a couple of months ago made me an offer, there was talk of a wedding and he himself wanted to play it next summer.

Well, I suggested in September to already apply to the registry office as the dates are already booked and he agreed.

We went to the registry office and he was a little confused but happy. The next day he went to the garage to help his father. He came back already not in such a mood and the other day said that he is not ready for the wedding, that everything is so fast, doubts and that he is now satisfied with everything.

I suspect that maybe his mom had that effect on him, judging by the way he reacted when he told her on the phone that we applied ... in response to "already applied? Well, good for you" kind of thing, I didn't see that kind of joy.

So I said if you're not ready, fine, we'll hold off. As a result, communication changed, became cold to me, just stopped paying attention.

I do not understand what is going on, himself so wanted a wedding, communicated well with me and here not from that from nothing such communication and decision.

Can you tell me what could be going on? Maybe he's scared?